You want your home to be a clean and secure place for you and your family. With the new threat of coronavirus, it is more important than ever to keep a safe and healthy home. 

1. A Safe and Healthy Home Has Clean Air

A safe and healthy home should have clean indoor air. An air purifier for your home is an investment in your family’s health. You can purchase portable air purifiers for bedrooms and living spaces or you can install a whole-house air purifier on the HVAC system. 

2. Test Your Smoke Alarms

A house fire can be devastating. Your home and belongings may be damaged or completely destroyed. Even worse, a fire threatens the lives of your family members. Stay protected from a house fire by testing your smoke detectors regularly. 

3. Get a Water Filter for a Safe and Healthy Home

The tap water in many homes contains contaminants and pollutants. For a safe and healthy home, filter your drinking water. Purchase the right type of water filter to remove the specific pollutants in your water. You’ll need to test your home’s water to find out what these are.

4. Clean Often

No matter how tidy you keep your home, it’s important to deep clean areas regularly. Removing dust and germs from the surfaces in your home will help everyone stay healthier. Vacuum carpets and mop hard floors weekly to keep your home healthy and clean. 

5. Get Rid of Mold for a Safe and Healthy Home

Mold grows in warm and damp areas of your home. The most common areas of your home for mold growth are the bathroom and basement. If you notice a musty smell or spots that look like dirt, address the problem immediately. The longer mold is left untreated, the more it will spread. The spores are airborne and can be dangerous to breathe. 

6. Buy Natural Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products have unhealthy chemicals in them, called volatile organic compounds. These chemicals remain in the air and cause health symptoms for some people. Purchase all-natural cleaners or make your own with inexpensive ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. 

7. Regular Maintenance on Your HVAC Unit

HVAC units circulate dust and allergens in the air. The filter traps some of these particles, but it’s not effective when it is dirty. Change the HVAC filter every 3 months or according to the instructions on the unit. You should also have your HVAC serviced twice a year. 

8. Refrain From Smoking In and Near the House

Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. It will also pollute the air in your home. Prohibit smoking and vaping in your home, and designate an outdoor area for smokers that’s well away from doors and windows.

Use these tips for a safe and healthy home and everyone in your household will be less likely to get sick. 

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