When you’re buying a home and your offer is accepted, the next step should be to get a home inspection. With such a big investment, it’s important to have a professional assess the property and evaluate its condition. Here are several reasons why a buyer should order a home inspection.

1. Learn About the Condition of the Home

Hire a home inspector to verify that your new home is in great condition. The inspection covers all accessible aspects and components of the property, including structural integrity and mechanical systems. He or she will also look for problems like mold and fire hazards.  With a professional inspection, you can feel peace of mind that the new house won’t require major repairs or maintenance immediately after move-in.

2. Home Inspection is Useful in Negotiations

The home inspection report can provide leverage in negotiations with the seller. If any major defects or safety issues are discovered, you can renegotiate the selling price. In the case of serious problems, you might decide to walk away from the deal. Order a home inspection to understand the actual condition of every component of a home. If there are problems, you can request the buyer make repairs before closing. With the report in hand, talk with your real estate agent to decide how to move forward with negotiations.

3. Order a Home Inspection to Prepare for the Future

Home inspectors are well-trained and knowledgeable. Your inspector can approximate how old the roofing is or how much longer the HVAC system can be expected to last. Understanding the average life expectancies of these systems allows you to plan ahead for expensive home improvement projects, like a roof replacement or buying new appliances.

A home inspection gives home buyers leverage during the buying process. It’s an important step to learn more about your home purchase.

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