Homeowners are often faced with home repairs. With busy family life, you may be tempted to put off these seemingly minor chores. However, this neglect can end up costing you significantly more when the damage becomes worse. Here are a few home maintenance tasks that should be taken care of immediately to avoid more expensive repairs later on.

Fixing Broken Gutters

Most homeowners don’t think about their guttering very often. Your gutters are an important drainage system to direct water away from your home. Have them inspected annually. Look for cracks or separations in the gutters, loose connections, and holes in the material. Replace damaged gutters and secure them in position. If you’re not comfortable doing the work yourself, call a roofing and gutter contractor to make repairs.

Roof Repairs are Home Maintenance Tasks

Each spring when the warmer weather returns, stand on the sidewalk some distance away from your house and examine your roofing material. Look for any missing shingles. Notice any loose or protruding shingles or tiles. Carefully inspect inside the attic for any signs of water entering from above. If you find problems, call a roofing contractor to make repairs. Waiting too long will only incur more damage at greater expense.

Addressing Plumbing Leaks

If you notice soft spots in flooring or walls, moisture on floors, or a musty odor that you can’t locate, the issue may be a leak in your plumbing. High water bills can also alert you to a problem in your plumbing system. Moisture from leaks can cause mold growth, insect infestations, and damage to construction materials. Call a reliable plumber to find and repair the problem.

Handling Pest Problems is an Important Home Maintenance Task

If you find insects in your home, there are likely more hidden in the home. Termites can cause extensive damage and costly repairs of construction materials. Carpenter ants can chew through wood framing. If you suspect a pest problem, contact a pest control company for inspection and treatment of the property.

Checking Out Electrical Concerns

If you experience sparking of electrical outlets, dimming lights, or frequent tripping of breakers, you may have an electrical problem. Electrical issues should be a concern because they can cause shocks and lead to house fires. Consult with a licensed electrician to find the source and make repairs before a serious problem occurs.

Home Maintenance Tasks Include Tackling Mold Growth

You may notice mold growing on tile grout or under kitchen or bathroom sinks. In nature, mold helps during the decomposition process. In the home, mold can deteriorate construction materials and lead to respiratory problems. Clean small areas of mold growth with a thorough scrubbing of a chlorine bleach solution. For large infestations, contact a mold remediation company.

Although minor repairs can take up your valuable weekend time, they can save you a considerable amount of money. Stay ahead of small problems to avoid bigger home repair headaches.

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